A R R A K I S, I N C.
Mining / Remediation Technologies
Autoclave Testing
Arrakis, Inc. has become a leader in the realm of autoclave testing.
Our Pilot Scale 900 L autoclave is one of a kind in the Unites States and maybe the World.
The vessel and attached accessories are constructed from titanium and the vessel is tantalum lined.
The three (3) 6 L Parr autoclaves are constructed out of titanium as well.
What makes our system unique is that all four autoclaves are configured to accept Chlorine injection during an experiment.  
600 L tantalum lined titanium autoclave
with chlorine injection, sampling system and support accessories

Maximum operating conditions
180 C and 270 psig
600 L autoclave support systems
including mixing tanks and filtration
6 L Parr titanium autoclave
with chlorine injection and sampling system

Maximum operating conditions
220 C and 480 psig