1.  Analytical Services
Custom & Specialized Fire Assays
PGM (Platinum Group Metals) Analysis
Gold & Silver Analysis
ICP OES Element Characterization
Graphite Furnace Flame Atomic Absorption
Microwave Sample Digestion
Wet Chemistry Analytical Techniques
Geo-Chem Analysis
2.  Bench & Pilot Process Testing
2a)  Gravity Concentration
Centrifugal Concentration
Shaking Tables
2b)  Froth Flotation
Standard Agitated Cell Flotation
Tall Column Flotation
2c)  Alternative Leaching Techniques
Mineral & Organic Acids
Halogen Compounds
2d)  Metal Recovery from Solution
Ion Exchange
3.  Plant Design, Construction and Operation
Process Engineering
Plant Design & Construction
Rehabilitation of Existing Equipment
Process Flow Chart Design & Development
Remediation of Contamination in Soil & Water
4.  Project Management
Mine Feasability Studies
Project Cost & Revenue Estimates
Gantt Chart & Project Schedules
 5.  Precious Metal Recovery
 Refractory Gold Recovery
Secondary Recovery From MineTailings
PGM Recovery
Custom Concentrate & Dore Refining
Precious Metals Dore Analysis
6.  Bench & Bulk Treatability Testing
 Auto Clave Testing
Froth Flotation
Gravity Concentration
Alternative Leaching
Environmentally Benign Halogen Leaching
Ultra Sonic Enhanced Leaching
Magnetic & Eletrostatic Separation
7.  Geological Services
 Exploration Drilling
Ore Body Sampling & Assaying
Surface & Geophysical Geological Surveys
Computer Generated Ore Body Mapping
8.  Audits - 3rd Party
 Gold & PGM Specialists
Qualified Person Under Applicatable US Reg.
 9.  Environmental Remediation
 Remediation System Design
Reference: Dept. of Energy & Dept.of Defense
CERCLA ( anogram )
10.  Professional Specialists Network
  Access to Experienced Professionals in all 
          Fields of Mining & Metallurgy
 PGM Specialists
 Mill & Grinding Specialists
 Experienced & Certified Geologists
 'Qualified Person' Certification in Metallurgy &
A R R A K I S,  I N C. 

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