A R R A K I S,  I N C
Mining / Remediation Technologies
Ref. Georgious Agricola
De Re Metallica
The Concepts have remained the same, but the technologies have vastly improved.
Arrakis, Inc. is dedicated to developing a
cost effective solution that is cutomized to
your processing needs, to ensure that
your project is successful.
Arrakis, Inc. incorporated in 1988, is a mineral processing, consulting, testing, process system design & equipment fabrication company.  We focus on refractory ore testing, & process development.
Arrakis, Inc. through innovative techologies has extensive experience in the extraction of gold, platinum group metals (PGM) & refractory ores.
Arrakis, Inc. has performed many successful remediation system design, construction, & operation for both the 
Department of Defense, & the Department of Energy 
on contaminants ranging from PCB to plutonium.
We pride ourselves in the success of your project, whether it is:
Depend on Arrakis for all of your processing, analytical, explorative drilling, mapping, ore & soil testing, project design, auditing, project management, & plant equipment needs.
Protect the Environment
with Arrakis Remediation
Refractory Precious Metal Recovery
Environmental & Hazardous Remediation
Plant & Mill Technical Solutions
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