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Do you want to know how many ounces per ton of gold, silver, iron, copper, or platinum your potential mine may have?

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Do you own a mine that has already been mined years ago?

Fine precious metals can be recovered from mining tailings.

Whether it be a small remote pilot skid, medium-sized plant, or a large-scale mining operation, we understand that your project's time and budget is important to you. 

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Fine Grinding- 1 Ton Capacity Attrition Mill to <10 microns.

Our Analytical Testing is proven reliable and is used to determine value, which can attract financial investors and banking institutions.   

Fire Assay $150 per sample  Elemental Analysis $300 per sample. 


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Pilot Scale Autoclave -

Refractory Metals, Slag & Nano Gold

Arrakis, Inc. owns the Largest Single Batch Autoclave in the United States. 

It is used for Ores of Gold, Silver, Base Metals and Metal Slags.  Unlike other firms, our 900-Liter Autoclave has Chlorine Chemistry capabilities.

What does an Autoclave do?

It Drives Pressure and Steam into the Microfractures where metals are then leached into solution. The metals are precipitated from the leach solution and then smelted into dorê bars (Metal in hand) for resale. 

Arrakis, Inc.

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Our In-house Laboratory and Instruments provide accurate and timely analysis.  What precious metals exist within your ore? 

We can test it for you. 

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Alma Mine is the Largest Placer Mine in Colorado- Designed, Constructed and Operated by Arrakis, Inc. 

We set up remote skids, small and large pilot plants alike. 

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