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Arrakis is a Colorado Based Mining & Mineral Processing Consulting Firm

Incorporated in 1988, Arrakis has 33 years of experience.

We Offer:

  • Mineral Processing

  • Analytical Test Work & Fire Assay

  • Elemental Analysis

  • Crushing & Fine Grinding 

  • Process System Design

  • Autoclave Technology

  • Plant & Mill Technical Solutions

  • Plant Engineering & Design

  • Drill Programs

  • Site Permitting

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Project Management


Using innovative technologies, Arrakis, Inc. has 33 years experience in the extraction of Gold, Silver, Copper, Base, and Platinum Group Metals.

Metal recovery also includes Refractory Ores, and Slag.  

We also specialize in Process Development and Plant Design.  

Milling Specialists Fine Grinding to >10 microns.

Arrakis is dedicated to solving your mineral processing and milling issues and providing a cost effective customized solution to ensure that your project is successful.

James R Murray
President & CEO

Mr. James Murray has 40 years of mining engineering experience including:

  • Process Engineering

  • Project Management

  • Plant Process Design

  • Environmental Compliance  


Richard S. Kunter
Senior Associate
Senior Metallurgist

Mr. Richard Kunter has 50 years of experience including:

  • Extractive Metallurgy

  • Process Engineering

  • Plant Management

  • Senior Engineer

  • Qualified QP

Dr. Ronald T. Poole
Senior Associate
PGM  Specialist
Dr. Thomas Battle
Senior Associate
Iron Specialist
Eric A. Fritz
Operations Manager
Senior Geologist

Mr. Eric Fritz has 20 years 

of experience including:

  • Material Analysis

  • Geologic Mapping

  • Resource Calculation

  • Extractive Metallurgy

Michelle L. Hite
Office Manager
Arrakis, 11 Years

Fun Fact:  James Murray Alma Mine

Discovery's Gold Rush

Season 8 Episode 19 

Originally Aired March 2, 2018

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