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Arrakis is a Colorado Based Mining & Mineral Processing Consulting Firm

Incorporated in 1988.

We Offer:

  • Process Development

  • Analytical Test Work & Fire Assay

  • Elemental Analysis

  • Plant Engineering & Design

  • Plant Construction

  • Crushing & Fine Grinding 

  • Process System Design

  • Autoclave Technology

  • Plant & Mill Technical Solutions

  • Plant Operation & Management

  • Drill Programs

  • Site Permitting

  • Investor Presentations

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Project Management


Using innovative technologies, Arrakis, Inc. has 36 years experience in the recovery of gold, silver, copper, base, and platinum group metals.  Arrakis is dedicated in providing a cost effective and customized solution for a successful project. 

Specializing In:

Accurate analytical testing

Metal recovery from refractory deposits ie: nano, slag, brine water 

Process system development

Plant layout and construction 

Milling fine-grinding to >10 microns.

James R Murray
President & CEO

Mr. James Murray has 40 years of mining engineering experience including:

  • Process Engineering

  • Project Management

  • Plant Process Design

  • Environmental Compliance  


Richard S. Kunter
Senior Associate
Senior Metallurgist

Mr. Richard Kunter has 50 years of experience including:

  • Extractive Metallurgy

  • Process Engineering

  • Plant Management

  • Senior Engineer

  • Qualified QP

Eric A. Fritz
Operations Manager
Senior Geologist

Mr. Eric Fritz has 20 years 

of experience including:

  • Material Analysis

  • Geologic Mapping

  • Resource Calculation

  • Extractive Metallurgy

Dr. Ronald T. Poole
Senior Associate
PGM  Specialist
Dr. Thomas Battle
Senior Associate
Iron Specialist
Michelle L. Hite
Office Manager
Arrakis, Inc.

Fun Fact:  James Murray Alma Mine

Discovery's Gold Rush

Season 8 Episode 19 

Originally Aired March 2, 2018

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