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Your sample and project is unique to any other.  Arrakis provides personalized solutions to your Milling and Processing needs.   We offer Custom Fire Assay and Process Design.  

Our facility is equipped with an "in house" laboratory for expedited results.  Our Laboratory and Instruments can determine the values and characteristics within your ores.  Arrakis is known for it's state of the art technology, chemistry, and methodology in the recovery of stubborn refractory ores, including slag.   


Get your mine into production soon.

Production low?  Our experts can help you optimize existing mine production. 

Call Us for a Free Consultation. (303) 806-8487.

Services Overview:

  • Pilot Plant Design and Construction

  • Analytical Ore and Mineral Testing by Instrumentation

  • Fire Assay

  • Process & System Design

  • Mineral Processing 

  • Bench and Pilot Scale Testing

  • Precious Metal Extraction & Recovery

  • Crushing, Sample Prep., Milling, & Fine Grinding >10 Microns

  • Exploration- Sample Gathering & Reverse Circulation Drilling

  • Project & Time Management

  • Mine Production Optimization


Graphite Flame

Atomic Absorption

Shaker Tables

Recover Fine Gold

Spirals Gravity Concentration

Alternative Leaching

Froth Flotation

Autoclave Technology

High Pressure Oxidation

Autoclave Pilot Scale.jpg

Magnetic Separation

Particle Size Analyzer

Tall Column Float Cells


Crushing & FINE Grinding 1 Ton Capacity Attrition Mill to >10 Microns

Plant Construction

Project Management

Sample Gathering

Ore Characterization

Fire Assay & Analytical

Reverse Circulation Drilling

reverse circulation drilling.jpg
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